You Are The Louise To My Thelma | Personalized Tall Skinny Tumbler

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You Are The Louise To My Thelma, Personalized 20 oz Tall Skinny Tumbler

• KEEP YOUR DRINKS HOT OR COLD: Dual Walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers with lids and straws. NO more melted ice. NO more cold coffee.

• FUN COLORS & UNIQUE DESIGNS: You’ll be amazed at our collection of cute colors and custom tumbler designs. A massive variety of colorful and custom tall skinny tumblers.

• FORGET THE DECALS: Dull and dingy decals, no more! Get a FRINGEkreative stainless steel skinny tumbler and you’ll never want another brand. All of our designs are laser etched and built to last.

• PEOPLE WILL BE TALKING: Everyone will want to know where you got your stainless steel skinny tumbler.

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