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FRINGEkreative, custom tumblers, personalized tumblers, fast shipping tumblers.

Creating custom tumblers, personalized tumblers, wine tumblers, tall skinny tumblers, 20 oz tumblers, 30 oz tumblers and coffee mugs

.FRINGEkreative was started by Maribeth in 2015. FRINGEkreative started off making customized succulent arrangements for bridal showers, corporate events and personalized gifts.

In early 2018 we purchased our first laser to create and manufacture customized arrangement accessories. In December of 2018 we had requests for other personalized products such as stainless steel tumblers, wine tumblers, skinny tumblers, flour sack towels and custom engraving, that's when Greg her husband got put to work.

At that point after some research we began marketing and selling across the vast online marketplace. You can find us on at https://www.facebook.com/fringekreative, https://fringekreative.com

FRINGEkreative has branched out into tumblers, mugs, flour sack towels and a growing selection of laser etched, engraved and cut products. At FRINGEkreative we pride ourselves in providing high quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

Give our growing catalog a look. Thanks Maribeth & Greg